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Britt Costa Rica Espresso Roast ground 340 g NEW   [Paleolit étrendet folytatók is fogyaszthatják]
Britt Costa Rica Espresso Roast ground 340 g

Espresso like you’ve never had before!

It’s widely recognized that the natural sweetness and acidity of Costa Rica’shigh-mountain Arabica beans make some of the world's best espresso. Café Britt enhances this uniqueness by carefully selecting and slowly roasting only the choicest gourmet coffee beans for a full-bodied flavor and ultra-rich consistency. Immerse you senses with a sip straight-up, or dressed up as a cappuccino, latte or café au lait.

  • 100% Arabica SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).


Many people mistakenly believe that espresso is a particular variety of coffee. Espresso results from the process of roasting and brewing.

The best espresso comes from high-qualitywell-roasted beans, finely ground and pressure-brewed in an espresso machine.  Properly brewed, the “small shot” is crowned with a layer of rich, dark-golden cream or crema.  

The Café Britt Costa Rica Espresso blend begins with the finest beans from Costa Rica’s Central Valley.  We dark roast the beans until their natural oils and sugar rise to the surface.  The result is an espresso with a fruity flavor that hints of apple and wild flowers.

Creating the perfect espresso is both an art and a science.  We have used our expertise to provide you with the best ingredient.  The brew is up to you.

Britt Tres Rios gourmet coffee ground 340 g   [Paleolit étrendet folytatók is fogyaszthatják]
Britt Tres Rios gourmet coffee ground 340 g

A Fresh Morning Caress

A must try for coffee lovers who crave the best. Backed by two centuries of expertise and nurtured amid cool volcanic mountains and an ideal climate, the coffees of the Tres Rios region are considered "the Bordeaux" of Costa Rica. Dark roasted, the penetrating, honey-nut aroma of Café Britt Tres Rios compliments the hints of plum and allspice in its elegant, complex flavor. This coffee caresses the palate with a memorable soft and friendly finish.

  • 100% Arabica SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).


Start your day just once with this lively coffee and you’ll be hooked! These beans hail from a tiny region steeped in 150 years of coffee-growing tradition. Tres Rios is renowned for producing some of the world’s best coffee.

What makes it so special? A high-mountain climate, marked wet and dry seasons, and soils enriched by the Irazu Volcano provide nature’s optimum conditions for growing fine coffee.

This dark roast is a bit softer and more balanced. It fills your cup with a lively snap that’s bright enough for morning, but rich and complex enough to enjoy all day. Tres Rios Valdivia is a perfect single-origin taste experience.  Simply superb!


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