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Coco Natura Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ml NEW   [Paleolit étrendet folytatók is fogyaszthatják]
Coco Natura Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ml

Coco Natura Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ml


Coco Natura combines the best of traditional and modern methods to produce a virgin coconut oil that has all its nutrients intact and absorbs well into the skin, making it great as a moisturizer for your skin and hair. It's also perfect for all types of cooking, baking, and frying.

Manila Coconut Oil 1L   [Paleolit étrendet folytatók is fogyaszthatják]
Manila Coconut Oil 1L

Manila Premium Coconut Oil 1000 ml


A healthy, natural replacement for traditional cooking oils, Manila coconut oil is now available in Hungary at an affordable price.


Our manufacturer sources coconut from family-owned farms and plantations sustaining workers from small local communities, and providing them with a livelihood year-on-year.

While the raw material of our product is from rural plantations maintained by small local communities, we and our manufacturing partner strongly believe that the highest quality standards must be adhered to every step of the manufacturing process.


Manila oil is produced in one of the most modern factories of the region and undergoes the strictest quality assurance and food safety procedures and inspections before it is allowed to enter the kitchen of European consumers.

It is of utmost importance to us that our products do not contain any fungi toxins (aflatoxin) or other harmful substances (PAH), which is why our products are verified on a regular basis by SGS, the world’s leading quality assurance and certification organization (


The manufacturing process involves a purely physical process, preserving all the positive traits of coconut without adding any controversial additives to the oil, and ultimately to our meals.


After harvesting the palm trees ripe coconut is rinsed, grated and the resulting “copra” is cooked with a steaming procedure, then grated further until it reaches a fine powdery state. This powder is then pressurized to extract the oil, which is then filtered and heated beyond 200 degrees Celsius to dispose of any remaining physical and chemical contaminants.


The resulting oil is colorless, almost as clear as water. The liquid has a mild coconut taste, and is ready to be consumed.


The meals prepared with coconut oil are easy on the digestive system and keep their distinctive fragrance.

Coconut oil has been widely used in South-East Asian countries and the USA for decades due to its favorable health effects.

Without going to deep in the technical details, let us briefly overview the most beneficial properties of Manila coconut oil:

  • due to its relatively high heat stability compared to other oils, it burns at a remarkably hot temperature, does not have any unpleasant odors during cooking, and thus protects us from the fumes of unhealthy carcenogenics:

  • due to its beneficial saturated fatty acids it decreases the cholesterol level of the body;

  • it is processed directly in the liver, therefore it provides instant ketone energy for the brain and the cells;

  • its antiseptic effects contribute to the effective treatment of fungus infections;

  • it is rich in lipids, vitamins and minerals, which are great hydrants and great for the skin (also screening out UV rays);

  • a perfect ingredient for making home-made soap.


Lastly, let us flesh out some health benefits of coconut oil.


While it is composed of over 90% of fatty acids, these acids are completely different from other cooking oils containing detrimental animal- or plant-derived omega-6 acids (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp, olive, colza, etc.). Various researches have confirmed the beneficial health impacts of the saturated fatty acids contained in Coconut oil.


While Coconut oil loses its fluidity below 35 degrees Celsius, and becomes denser, this change has no impact on the quality of the oil, but it only makes it easier to store and portion, and can easily be transformed back to a fluid state by heating.


Manila coconut oil is recommended for cooking and frying meat and vegetables, making souses and salads, as skin lotion, for dieting and making home-made soap.


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